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Hello from HighGround! Meet Adam Dahl

We’re excited to bring back our newest blog series, Hello from HighGround! If you missed our first post, get to know Gina.

Today we sat down with Adam Dahl. He’s one of our sales exec extraordinaires. Read on for his take on the problems HighGround solves and what makes him a happy member of our team.

How’d you get your start at HighGround?

I’ve always been a big believer of “A happy employee is a good employee” and “It’s easier to keep good employees than to find new ones.” The belief and vision of HighGround – to facilitate exceptional workplace experiences where employees thrive and employers are known as a best place to work – really spoke to me. I had experiences in my past life that I didn’t like and I didn’t believe in how performance reviews were being conducted. I’m a strong advocate of being engaged at work, so a move to HighGround just made sense. I was introduced to the company by networking and being involved in the Chicago technology scene. I also wanted to contribute to the fast growth of an exciting new company.


Tell us a bit about your everyday life at HighGround. How you do contribute to the company’s goals and what makes your day fun?

In my role as a sales executive, I love that every day is different. I enjoy having to be on my toes, meeting new people and having to think strategically about problems that today’s organizations are trying to solve. The company goals are lofty and we are always trying to bring on great new partners as clients, so I keep my eyes and ears open. The world can move quickly and I have to be on top of my game. I try to bring that same attitude to each and every day, and I also believe that life is short. You have to be professional but also smile and enjoy life. I try incredibly hard to bring that to the sales cycle with prospects as well as with my co-workers.


How is HighGround disrupting the HR technology space?

We are modernizing performance and the employee experience by encouraging and helping companies create and receive more feedback. I think that’s what we are – a feedback company. People want to know where they stand today, they want their voices heard because they have good ideas and they want to be empowered. We open up so many lines of communication – from the manager to the direct report, to the group that worked on a project together, to the organization as a whole always looking to get better. Without feedback, we are all just treading water, and nobody wins in that scenario. The days of getting feedback once a year are over – or at least they should be. We are giving everyone a voice and by doing that, organizations and bottom lines will improve. You’ll also see a more connected workforce because of the increase in communication.


What do you find most interesting about performance management?

Performance management is something that will always be changing, and I think that it’s exciting because it’s personal. It doesn’t matter what type of company you work at or what your job title is. There will always be goals and there will always be a need to improve. It just goes to the heart of people – do something you love, but if you can’t do that, do something that you like and that you can find a personal reason to work hard to accomplish those goals. But, it goes back to my first statement – a happy employee is a better employee, and life is too short to hate work.


What does personal success look like to you, in your current role and beyond?

I’m in sales, so I’m obviously looking for new clients. But, I think that finding companies that our software solves a major problem for is the most rewarding part of the job. I’m also a big believer in being the type of person that people want to work with. That is success to me when clients, and even prospects, tell me that I’ve done a good job of representing HighGround and myself.


When you’re not at work, you can be found doing one of three things: what are they?

When I’m not at work, I’m hopefully with my three little girls and my wife doing something that makes us all smile. If I’m not with my girls, then I’m definitely golfing. Can I get my game in shape for the Champions (Senior) PGA someday? I’d love to be able to find more time to practice, but the first part of my answer takes away from my time on the course. However, the girls will be old enough to go to the driving range with me pretty soon! Lastly, you can always find me talking about the great Wisconsin Badgers or any other sports story out there. Toss in some travel and I’m a happy camper.

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