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How Do You Actually Change Performance Management?

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A lot of HR attention is focused on finding the best talent, making your company attractive to those with impressive LinkedIn profiles and courting the most sought-after professionals. It makes sense: you need the right people to be successful. But too often times those who are considering positions with your company get more attention than those who already work there.

An organization’s current employees – not candidates – are its true differentiator. So how does your company support your employees’ needs to develop, grow and be successful day after day? One surefire way they are NOT getting those opportunities is through an outdated performance management process.

We all already know why the traditional performance management process doesn’t work. Annual reviews aren’t enough and one-sided assessments don’t give you the full picture. Many of you are ready to move on to things like continuous feedback, agile goals and frequent employee check-ins to get a clearer view of performance.

It’s not a matter of why you should re-think the process, but how to go about implementing the one you want. In our newest resource, The Ultimate Toolkit for Transitioning to Continuous Employee Development, we help you map out the plan to get from Point A to Point B. In it we cover everything from designing a plan and securing stakeholder buy-in to branding your program and keeping it fresh.

Download our newest toolkit and kick off 2017 with a new plan to develop your greatest asset: your employees.

Find out how HighGround can help modernize your performance management.

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