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17 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged in your Performance Management & Social Recognition Program

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You’ve identified your needs, researched HR strategies, chosen a technology partner and launched your real-time performance management and/or social recognition platform. Your job here is done, right? Wrong. The best-planned program can still fail miserably if it doesn’t become a part of your organization’s everyday activities.

We’ve asked our clients for their top suggestions for keeping their programs fresh.

1. Award limited edition badges for a get-it-before-it’s-gone sense of excitement. These can be specific to company events or milestones or celebrate new products or services. More generally, these badges can be in support of standard holidays like administrative assistant day, etc. or even made up holidays. One HighGround client created a Chuck Norris-themed badge to celebrate its “Day of Awesomeness.”

2. Create a monthly award to reinforce your company mission and values. These could support the behaviors and competencies the organization wants employees to embody, such as community or integrity, and be awarded in a town hall meeting setting or announced in the platform.

3. Bring the online program offline. Use other avenues such as newsletters, executive emails and manager meetings to share what’s happening on the platform – whether that’s kudos for a new client win, reminders that quarter goals are due or sharing which departments have requested the most feedback.

4. Create an “on the spot” agenda item in leadership meetings to review each department’s usage stats and talk through any anomalies. This ensures that issues don’t go unresolved for too long – and helps executives identify the program champions.

5. Integrate, integrate, integrate. The easier the program is for employees to participate, the better. Systems like HighGround can integrate with tools like Outlook, SharePoint, Yammer – wherever employees spend the most time communicating and collaborating.

6. Create a live feed of employee recognitions through the use of in-office monitors. Put them up in the kitchen and other places employees hang out TVs in the office, to further promote and reinforce the use of the system.

7. Put new badges and rewards up for an employee vote. Not only will it engage teams to choose their favorites, but it will create a sense of ownership and increase the chances of them awarding each other the badge or trying to earn the reward.

8. Challenge employees to request a new type of check-in with their manager. It can be difficult to move outside their comfort zone but interacting in a new way – whether it’s around goals, career development or feedback on a completed project – could re-energize employees and lead to more continued conversations.

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9. Award individuals, teams, departments or even entire business units for reaching milestones in the system. The first employee to set and reach their quarterly goals could earn lunch with the CEO, or the department that is most active in giving out recognitions could earn a half day of vacation.

10. Conduct regular training or even monthly refresher sessions to create an ongoing opportunity for employees to ask questions and learn more about the system or program in general.

11. Find ways to share positive examples of usage. Examples could include an employee newsletter feature on an individual who earned a promotion after having frequent coaching sessions with their manager on improving their weaknesses or hosting a company-wide lunch to celebrate recent milestones in the system.

12. Give employees ways to invest in the system. Asking for their feedback on processes or how often they’re expected to set goals will get them more involved behind the scenes. If they feel a part of the decision-making process on a deeper level, they’ll be more committed to using it.

13. Relate the tool to everyday activities happening in the office. Having a company meeting? Run a pulse survey in the system about how the meeting went. Having an off-site field day? Give winners a special field day badge. Having a chili cookoff? Announce the winner in the system. Get into the habit of making the program a part of every facet of the business.

14. Assign days where employees who are recognized are required to “pass it on” by then sending a badge to someone else. This gets employees excited to see who’s next and keeps the activity high.

15. Encourage employees to access the system in new ways. This reinforces that employees can send badges, request feedback or update their goals via their desktop, their mobile phone or directly in other communication or collaboration tools.

16. Hold coffee/happy hour sessions with an in-office kiosk, desk or booth to promote new materials or act as a listening hour to hear feedback on processes both in the tool and outside of the tool. People love free drinks!

17. Start a Tips of the Week column on the company intranet or distributed via email. This will share tips and tricks for using the tool, promote new features and functionality or even link out to articles and research that talk about the employee benefits of requesting feedback or setting goals.

keep employees engaged


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