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It’s Holiday Bonus Time… Or Is It?

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On the whole, it’s good news for employees this holiday season. A recent survey of 500 HR execs found that 75% of them intended to hand out a cash holiday bonus, up from 67% last year. So, what are the other 25% of companies doing for employees this holiday season? Some indicated they’d be giving out non-monetary rewards. (Uh-oh. We’re crossing our fingers that no one ends up with a ham.)

For the rest, giving out any type of bonus just isn’t in the cards this year. If employees were expecting it, it could lead to an uncomfortable situation. Co-workers might complain to each other or even their managers, and negativity could spread like wildfire. The last thing a company needs is a group of disgruntled, unengaged employees as you kick off a new year.

As the gatekeepers of a company’s culture, HR has the opportunity to step in and prevent any lasting damage.

And it won’t cost a thing.

Here’s some (mostly) free ways to rally your employees together in an effort to encourage a little holiday cheer and thankfulness this season.

  • Survey your employees and ask them to identify a handful of employees for various reasons (helped them out, impacted the company, promoted a positive culture, etc.) and then share the results via a company newsletter.
  • Ask employees to send an email saying “thank you” to one person outside of their department who impacted their work. Never underestimate the power of saying “thank you” – it can actually have scientifically proven benefits for employees and positive affects on your business.
  • Give employees a piece of paper and ask them to write out a good deed another employee did for them, and then display them all on a large board in a central area of the office. Or, use your office Christmas tree to display them! If you’re using a recognition and rewards platform, you can amplify those acknowledgments and share them with remote employees.
  • Take stock of your high-performing employees and inquire if they’re interesting in paying it forward. Offer them the opportunity in the coming year to mentor and coach other employees who might benefit from their expertise.

Remember, the goal of a holiday bonus is to show appreciation to your employees for their hard work all year. If you find yourself at a company that’s forgoing bonuses this year, consider these other ways to recognize employees.

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