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Is It Time for the Employee to be King?

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Customer-first mentality. Customer-centric culture. The customer is king.

Sit down with leading CEOs today, and you’ll find there are common threads in how executives describe their businesses, with a strong focus on customers being important across the board. And rightfully so. After all, a business can’t survive without customers, and a good measure of success is having happy ones.

But take a closer look into the inner workings of corporate operations, and you’ll see the customer experience is driven by their interactions with your employees at all levels of your organization. So, one could make the argument that if employees are the main driver of customer happiness, then shouldn’t employees be king?

In our latest eBook, Happy Employees, Happier Customers: How Engaged Employees Amplify a Strong Customer Experience, the answer is a resounding yes. We turned to the experts within the employee engagement and customer experience industries to:

  • Understand how and why employee engagement and customer experience are connected
  • Uncover research proving the value of engagement as a way to improve and drive the customer experience
  • Share real-world, tangible examples of how happier employees lead to a better customer experience

We also take it one step further to help you see the impact engaged employees have on all key functional areas of the organization. Here we debunk the myth that engagement is just an “HR problem” and customer experience is limited to interactions with sales and account managers. Departments like Marketing, Finance and Legal – all of which aren’t exactly seen as client facing – play a role in creating the customer experience at your organization.

Download the eBook today to help understand the important relationship between employee engagement and customer experience, and why an employee-first mindset can lead to happier customers.

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