Introducing Gmail and Outlook Integrations for HighGround


Introducing HighGround Gmail and Outlook Integrations

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As the science of employee performance and engagement continues to grow, it’s become clear the most innovative and profitable companies are those embracing a feedback culture. In fact, Josh Bersin said, “The new world of performance management is now built on ‘always feedback.’” So while most HR professionals realize they need to make the shift to a feedback culture, the idea of introducing their employees to another piece of software can cause some companies to pause.

At HighGround, business integrations are a core part of our strategy and our mantra of “live where they work” is a guiding principle for addressing this fundamental user experience challenge.

By integrating with the most common HR systems of record, social collaboration apps like Slack, and business workflow systems such as Microsoft SharePoint and Salesforce, employees can more easily leverage the benefits of HighGround, while dramatically lightening the burden of learning new systems.

The most exciting example of this lies in our newest Gmail and Outlook integrations, where HighGround’s feedback and recognition tools live in the user interface employees use every single day. In fact, according to a survey by Adobe Digital Insights, employees spend more than half the workweek in email – 20.5 hours, or 4.1 hours a day.

Without ever leaving their email software, employees and managers can quickly and easily:

  • Request Feedback – Employees can ask peers, managers and collaborators for input, as they need it or according to a predetermined cadence.
  • Provide Real-time Coaching – Managers can better guide team members in the context of specific projects and maintain more frequent conversations with employees.
  • Give Recognition – Anytime someone does great work, managers and employees can quickly give digitized recognitions, building culture and connectedness between people, regardless of where they are located.

Gmail and Outlook Integrations

It should be every company’s goal to enhance the employee experience, not disrupt it. The HighGround, Gmail and Outlook plug-ins are simply the newest way we’re making this happen.

Interested in learning more about how HighGround can simplify your employee’s performance interactions? Contact us for a quick chat about your workplace feedback goals.

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