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Ignore Your Company Values and They Will Go Away

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Ideally the values of any organization should influence everything that happens inside its doors — from employee interactions with one another, to customer partnerships, to how managers manage, to goals set by the C-Suite. When an organization declares its values through a mission statement, employees are clear on what’s important to the company. But simply creating a mission statement isn’t enough — it should drive every interaction and business decision.

Despite their importance, mission statements usually are only found in onboarding and marketing materials, but otherwise are left to gather dust.

If the company mission and values aren’t reflected in everyday work and interactions, employees will grow increasingly skeptical and resentful whenever they’re mentioned.

You need only look as far as the headlines to see the dangers of ignoring corporate values in the name of profit and preserving the positions of “high performers.” Committing yourself to upholding corporate values in all facets of your organization has the power to build a more vibrant corporate culture. The benefits speak for themselves – employees are happier, more confident and believe their work contributes to something bigger. To make living their company values an everyday practice, some leaders tie them to employee recognitions.

Strengthening Company Values Through Recognition

While recognition technologies are often thought of as “nice to have,” solutions like HighGround are a valuable investment. A mature recognition program encourages individualized messages acknowledging work reflective of the company’s values. If an organization regularly acknowledges when employees practice company values, those behaviors will be “hard-coded” into company culture. Likewise, culture becomes a competitive advantage that can reduce turnover. A positive culture means greater inclusivity, and according to Josh Bersin, greater inclusivity means organizations may be twice as likely to meet or exceed financial targets.

In a recent study, HR teams that spent at least 1% of payroll on a values-driven recognition system perceived their system helped deliver a stronger ROI and attracted more new job candidates. But it’s not just about giving employees a platform for recognizing one another, best-in-class solutions also delivery analytic capabilities that provide data around recognition frequency, quantity and quality. Recognitions for achievements that are of little importance to the organization’s overall goals, weaken the power of employee recognition and diminish the value of the organization’s mission statement. The leaders who invest in a platform that is both able to align to their mission statement and provide proof of performance will enshrine their values more deeply than any words on a page could do.

Sally Scannell is a Customer Success Analyst at HighGround, working with customers to establish key performance indicators and helping them achieve program goals. She contributes information both internally and externally by keeping abreast of industry news, research and studies. Alongside account managers, Sally serves as a trusted advisor to HighGround customers, helping them drive continuous improvement in their employee engagement programs. 

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