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News You Might Have Missed – October 3


Check out a few of the recent stories that caught our eye as well as HR industry news you might have missed.

Three Considerations for Delivering Performance Feedback

Feedback in the workplace can be a slippery slope. Our recent blog post explores why managers should consider factors like length of tenure, personality type and performance when delivering feedback.

How to Incorporate This One Employee Perk to Improve Your Business

Building a learning culture will not only show your employees that you care about their development, it also leads to future business success.

Why It’s Important to Give a Bad Employee Good Feedback

Before resorting to Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs), managers should reflect on the feedback they’re giving underperforming employees. Check out our blog for tips on establishing an environment where employees and managers can work collaboratively on goals.

How Companies Miss the Boat on Employee Engagement

Employee engagement shouldn’t be an add-on to your HR strategy; it needs to be a pervasive part of the business model to be successful.

Moving Away from Stacked Rankings? Think of Your Employees as Professional Athletes

Moving away from annual ratings and rankings is a smart move, but it does come with its fair share of challenges. Our new blog post explains why treating your employees as professional athletes may be the answer to reducing concerns and driving adoption for your new performance management model.

Patagonia Discusses Employee Goal-Setting, Check-Ins and Company Culture

Agile goal-setting through the HighGround platform has helped Patagonia create its transparent and collaborative culture. Watch our video to learn more about Compass, Patagonia’s program for boosting employee engagement and performance.

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