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HighGround is Hiring: Beyond the Job Description

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You might have noticed that HighGround is growing. And this means our team is expanding too. You can check out our current openings here, but you might want to know more about what it’s like to work here, rather than just what’s included in the job description. Here are some questions you might have before applying to join our team:

What’s it like working at HighGround?

On the blog, we regularly talk about the importance of creating a sustainable company culture through continuous feedback and engagement – and we actually practice what we preach. We use our own application every day to create goals, recognize one another and answer quick pulse survey questions. Using our solution regularly has created a culture where collaboration and teamwork are standard. We’re also small, so everyone pretty much knows everyone else.

What can I do to stand out?

Our leadership team is committed to hiring people who are truly enthusiastic about and committed to making HighGround the industry leader. If you’re running away from another job rather than running toward HighGround, then we’ll probably take a pass. We want people who are intellectually curious and will take the initiative to learn more about our product and customers. We understand that there’s a learning curve with every new employee, so we’re extremely focused on coaching and employee development.

What’s the office like?

Yes, we’re one of those startups with exposed brick, (props to Built in Chicago for the April Fool’s day post) a beer tap, some coffee, some food and some creatively decorated conference rooms. The majority of our team is on-site with a few people working remotely. We’re a casual office but our teams are intensely professional when it comes to their work. It’s not uncommon to see some people arrive before 7am and leave well after the sun is down. While that’s not the expectation, it’s reflective of the passion that our team shares for what HighGround does.

What’s the next step?

If our team sounds like a good fit, then get the ball rolling and apply for one of the open positions listed on the HighGround careers page.

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