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We’re Moving to Higher Ground


Our team is so excited and humbled to be joining forces with YouEarnedIt through a strategic investment from Vista Equity Partners. With the backing of such a reputable firm like Vista, we are looking forward to collaborating with a team that shares our vision for the future of work. Together, we have the best opportunity to deliver a world-class employee experience platform.


I wanted to take a moment to both reflect back on how we got here and look forward to what’s to come.

Why HighGround, Why YouEarnedIt, Why Now?
A great mission, an innovative product and a talented team are all important components of great companies, but a key ingredient of our success has been our partnership with customers. They have served as our true north in our journey, validating our work and helping us to course-correct as necessary along the way. While our days of innovation are far from over, we have committed employees and customers like Echo Global Logistics and Patagonia to thank for ultimately leading us to this point in our evolution.

HighGround’s employees and customers are in good hands as we look to the future. The timing of this acquisition coincides with new research that points to a more modern view of HR processes that are aligned with our vision. In a recent Deloitte report, The Rise of the Individual, Josh Bersin shared that the practice of performance management is becoming “more agile, developmental, and continuous.” And, even further, “the newest models bring in the concepts of social recognition and feedback.”

What’s Next?
With the added power of YouEarnedIt and Vista’s resources, we’ll be able to innovate even faster to give our clients the best possible product to create the best employee experiences. And HighGround employees will gain access to even more career growth opportunities as we embark on this journey. We’re excited to represent HighGround, YouEarnedIt and Vista here in Chicago, where we’ll continue to operate and grow our diverse team. The full details of the acquisition can be found in our press release now, but the full potential of our company is coming soon – and we can’t wait to share what’s next.


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