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Hello from HighGround! Meet Gina Slesar

How well do you know the people behind HighGround? We’re excited to kick off a new blog series today to give you a glimpse into the people we’re proud to work alongside every day.

Today we cornered Gina Slesar for her thoughts on working at HighGround. She certainly knows her way around the office, having worked on the Sales, Customer Success and Product teams. Here’s her story.

1. How’d you get your start at HighGround? What makes this a good fit for you?

I joined HighGround in February 2015. While I had a great job with a large Chicago company, I was really looking for a work environment that had more of an entrepreneurial feel. I researched some local startups and found HighGround. My experience here is a sampler platter of sorts – I’ve officially held the titles of sales development representative, customer success analyst, operations lead and, as of one month ago, associate product manager. I currently work on the Goals and Recognition products.

I think what I love most about HighGround is our diversity, and how we use it to our advantage throughout the work we do. Our management team embraces collaboration, and many different departments and teams come together to create solutions for our customers.

2. Tell us a bit about your everyday life at HighGround.

In my new role, I work with our Customer Success and Engineering teams to prioritize projects and plan future product enhancements. So far, every day has been a little bit different, and it’s exciting to collaborate with different departments as we grow our team and product.

3. Which of our company values speaks most to you and why? 

Take ownership speaks the most to me because it’s a value I’ve learned throughout my time here with each role. In Sales, it meant owning our pipeline, understanding the market and making improvements to our process. When I was on Customer Success, it meant understanding our customer’s needs and translating how we can provide better support to HR teams as they manage change at their organization. Now, in Product, it means understanding our company initiatives and customer needs to make an impact.

4. What do you find most interesting about employee engagement and performance management?

Many of our clients are really forward-looking, progressive professionals, so it’s fun to engage with them to help improve their HR processes and ultimately their employees. Because no two companies are the same, every single customer implements our platform a bit differently. This gives us a new challenge and new perspective when it comes to helping them design the best HR processes, so we’re always learning.

5. What does personal success look like to you, in your current role and beyond?

I’m learning so much right now in my new role, so I’m still really figuring out what success will look like for me. Right now, I’m focused on trying to impact one thing each day and make it better.

6. When you’re not at work, you can be found doing one of three things: what are they?

Drawing cartoons, training for marathons and running stop signs on a Divvy bike.

7. Where is your dream vacation?

I’m currently planning it! My sister and I are going to Iceland.

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