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Forbes Takes On 2017 HR Trends

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Have you seen the latest and greatest 2017 trend predictions for HR? For the past five years, Forbes contributor and best-selling author Dan Schawbel has created a top 10 list for HR trends based on hundreds of interviews, surveys and third-party reports.

If you haven’t read it yet, here’s all you really need to know: five out of the 10 predictions focus on employee performance, development and culture. That’s half of them, folks.

Let’s dive into what Schawbel had to say about these areas for 2017.

Companies focus on improving their candidate and employee experiences.

Today’s executives have realized you can’t hide from bad reviews, and they’re now commonplace. Schawbel referenced one study that found 72% of people reviewed an employer online. Early interaction with your company shapes the way employees feel about and contribute to your culture. Once aboard, HR leaders are revamping old tactics like rewards programs as well as utilizing new strategies like analytics to better understand what keeps employees happy and engaged.

Annual performance reviews evolve into more continuous reviews.

Instant feedback isn’t the exception; it’s now the norm. Schawbel cited that 28% of Generation Z employees (born in the mid-1990s) are already getting regular feedback and they expect it, having grown up in the world of instant gratification with Twitter and Facebook. Companies are even giving this approach a formal name (“check-ins” for Adobe and “touchpoints” for GE).

Millennials meet Generation Z in the workplace.

Gen Z was referenced above, and now these young employees have earned their own spot on Schawbel’s list. Why? Not only do we have a new generation (Z) in the workforce, but a third of Millennials (who companies still haven’t fully figured out) are now managers themselves. It’ll be important to understand how best to engage these newer generations.

The war for talent heats up as the employer/employee contract continues to evolve.

What’s your company’s average employee tenure? Nationally, it’s 4.6 years, and for Millennials, it’s less than two. As such, 90% of companies anticipate more competition for talent. Because of this, Schawbel says, “You will see an even greater emphasis on the employee experience in 2017 because companies are being forced to focus more on corporate culture and values than pay in order to retain employees.”

Organizations restructure to focus on team vs. individual performance.

Teamwork will reign in 2017. Companies have come to realize the importance of building great teams vs. singling out high performers and relying heavily on them. The younger generations are comfortable working in this way and as a bonus, this increases a company’s agility. Nearly 92% of companies are focusing on “organizational design” to create more of a team mentality.

Do any of these sound familiar to you? Are these five trends high on your list of considerations as you map out your 2017 plans?

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