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Five Companies Doing Summer Perks Right

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Depending on where in the country you live, the summer months are either a reward for suffering through below zero temps and blizzards all winter (ahem, Chicago) or a brief punishment of 120-degree days for having beautiful, mild weather the other nine months of the year (we’re looking at you, Phoenix).

No matter where you call home, summer is a popular time for employers to offer unique perks. While some companies might assume that providing summer perks leads to less productivity and decreased engagement, research has shown that the opposite is actually true.

Here are five companies that are taking perks to the next level to keep employees happy and productive.

Work-from-anywhere Fridays (Onboardly)

A recent survey found that the most requested summer perk is flexible hours (39% of respondents), followed by shortened hours on Fridays (30%). Onboardly takes the Summer Friday idea one step further, and has what it calls “work from anywhere Friday.” It’s exactly as it sounds – whether that’s from the pool or the couch.

A better company outing (Astellas Pharma Europe)

The 2017 SHRM Employee Benefits Survey found that 64% of companies offer an annual company outing to encourage camaraderie and celebrate successes. Atellas Pharma Europe takes this one step further, hosting a massive theme party each summer (like a Wild West theme). They also up the ante and host a variety of smaller get-togethers and activities all summer long.

A week-long, company-wide vacation (Adobe)

This perk isn’t new, but it’s not something very many people talk about. Adobe shuts down all of its offices for one week in the summer. It’s a bold move, but a smart one: instead of fighting against and working around your co-workers’ vacation schedules, the company is able to save money by closing the office and re-opening when everyone is back.

Expenses-paid vacations (Moz)

Moz takes Adobe’s highly encouraged vacation time and sweetens the deal; the company reimburses employees up to $3,000 for vacation expenses. Moz realizes the impact that short breaks with family and friends can have on an employee’s ability to be productive and happy at work.

Casual summer dress code (JPMorgan)

Many companies relax their dress codes during the summer months, to allow employees to be more comfortable during the warmer months. For those who working in the banking or legal industries, it’s a welcome change from mandatory suits. Even still, some companies are scrapping the formalities all together: JPMorgan announced last June that it would be allowing business casual attire all year long.

Does your company offer different perks depending on the season? If you do, have you seen any effects on engagement and productivity?

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