Meaningful Work | How to Evoke Meaning in the American Workforce


State of Meaningful Work: How to Evoke Meaning in the American Workforce [RESEARCH]

Why Meaningful Work Matters and How to Enable It 

If you think you can’t be a top employer because you can’t pay the highest salaries and offer the most outrageous perks, you’re wrong. Yes, Silicon Valley technology companies can be hard to compete against for these very reasons. But it’s a myth to believe that these are the only things important to today’s employees.

What really matters is, well, feeling like it really matters. A report by SHRM found that “meaningfulness of the job” was the third most important employee engagement driver by 76% of respondents.

We all know the saying, “I work to live, not live to work.” What if employers spent more time bridging that gap, by helping its employees find more meaning in their work? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. A Deloitte report listed it one of the top three emerging challenges for employers.

We set out to help organizations understand the nuances of this challenge by surveying 1,200 employees representing organizations of all sizes and industries. The results can be found in the HighGround Meaningful Work Study 2018.

The study answers the most pressing questions to help HR leaders understand and create meaning for employees.

  • In what ways do employees find meaning at work?
  • How do growing companies maintain meaning?
  • Does gender, seniority or tenure change how employees find meaning in their work?
  • What are some tangible ways companies can cultivate meaning for their workforces?

Enabling meaningful work is a powerful way for employers to differentiate themselves. Almost no organization today is immune from the talent shortage. Having the answers to these questions is a good start for employers who are trying to find lasting, impactful ways to attract and retain talent.

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