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Evaluating Performance Management Providers: Are You Asking the Right Questions

When it comes to choosing performance management technology providers, HR executives have a much more difficult decision to make than their corporate counterparts who oversee departments with more standard, established processes. HR leaders have three unique challenges.

First, no two businesses are alike. Each company has a unique group of employees and organizational culture. While some corporate processes are the same from one company to the next, managing employee processes is a different story. This is especially true when talking about employee performance and development.

Secondly, the HR industry itself is changing fast, in response to a rapidly evolving worker environment. The best practices in people management today are vastly different than they were just 10 years ago. Now, with the lowest unemployment rate in almost 20 years and a workforce that’s headed towards being 50% freelance, we’ll likely see another shift in performance management strategies to best meet the needs of employees.

Third, the maturity of software providers in the HR space is somewhat all over the map. New startups make big promises but have little to back them up. On the other end of the spectrum, a global core HR provider might offer some performance management elements as add-ons, but can’t deliver a full, specialized solution.

To help HR leaders make sense of it all, we’ve recently published a new guide, called 2019 Buyer Questions: Performance Management Technology. It’s important to evaluate technology on three different aspects:

  1. Performance Management. How well does the provider address the various components of real-time performance management? Can the technology support the way your company’s processes for goals, check ins and feedback?
  2. Technology. Can the provider integrate with the technologies you already have in place? Will they meet your reporting needs to prove the ROI of your program and help you make performance decisions?
  3. Company. Will the provider be a true partner to your team? Can their account team implement the tool and provide the level of ongoing support that it takes to remain cutting edge?

Download our newest guide for a look at the different components in each of these three areas, and some sample questions to ask in evaluating performance management technology providers.

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