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Employee Surveys: A Marathon, Not a Sprint

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Many companies wrongly assume that if they provide an employee survey every 12-18 months and make a handful of changes, they value employee feedback. These surveys are often long, time-consuming and include questions that don’t derive meaningful employee responses.

And surveys don’t mean much without action. Employees are smart enough to know that unless they see changes, their feedback didn’t matter.

If you don’t do anything, employees feel their voices aren’t heard, become disengaged and are more likely to leave.

The reality is that surveys should be much more frequent and include questions about how employees feel at work, how they feel about their managers, how much they value their total compensation and benefits package – the list goes on and on. Gathering employee feedback is part of a greater mission that constantly improves the company. If you want to get started on collecting employee feedback that you’ll actually implement, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t treat surveys as a short-term, temporary project. Regularly collect feedback from employees to monitor the pulse of the organization. Tools like HighGround have pulse survey functionality that allows you to capture the voice of the employee.
  • If your organization is undergoing changes such as a change in leadership or layoffs, take the opportunity to quickly survey your workforce. Acknowledging your employees’ reaction to these changes reassures them that you’re listening to what they think.
  • When an employee comes to you with a new idea, listen. You can ask employees for suggestions about your business or something as simple as where to order lunch. Either way, it’s clear you’re letting their voice be heard.

Are you currently using an annual survey to collect employee feedback? How often do you survey employees? What sort of questions do you include? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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