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Employee Engagement Tools Aren’t Just Plug-and-Play

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It’s no secret that companies are completely reevaluating their approaches to employee performance management, workforce recognition and survey programs and now looking for employee engagement tools to help support these new approaches. They’re ditching annual, paper-based and top-down processes in favor of real-time, mobile and peer-driven engagement. Because of this overhaul, you need to view your employee engagement program as a living, breathing thing. Likewise, the technology solutions that support your initiatives aren’t simply “plug and play.” Whether you’re already using a technology solution or are considering one, here are some things to keep in mind:

Change management starts before you even choose an engagement platform.

While selecting an actual engagement technology can be arduous, the work actually begins well before signing a contract with a vendor. As you’re meeting with internal stakeholders, collect their expertise and ideas on how your culture can best shift toward continuous feedback and collaboration. How are managers currently evaluating and coaching their teams? Do employees create their own goals and how do you know if they’re achieving them? How are employee accomplishments being recognized and rewarded? Have your managers taken action on annual surveys? As you’re pursuing a technology, you’ll have their needs at the forefront so you’re best equipped to find the best solution. You can then work with your technology provider to design the best solution for your organization’s needs.

Selecting and implementing employee engagement software just gets the ball rolling.

Solutions like HighGround partner with stakeholders well before implementation begins, and oftentimes help guide the conversations mentioned above. So while implementation typically only takes around 8-10 weeks, the partnership starts well beforehand and lasts much longer through consultative services, best practices guidance, support and continuous education.

At the same time, you also need to devote internal time and resources to ensure the solution is continually driving value. Engagement technologies are unique in that it’s truly a companywide solution. Accordingly, you’ll need to communicate the purpose of the engagement program itself, meet with managers to get their feedback and survey your employee base regularly to understand pain points and opportunities within the program.

Keep evolving.

You’ll never say, “We’ve done it. Our company culture is up-and-running. We’re done!” Sounds ridiculous, right? You know your organization is constantly changing so the strategy and methods you use to engage your employees must continuously evolve as well. Engagement solutions like HighGround provide the visibility, flexibility and agility your organization will require as business and employee needs change. The workforce analytics provided don’t have an expiration date and can help your c-suite make decisions on larger business strategies.


So if you’re ready to start the conversation about transitioning toward real-time, continuous feedback, download our eBook, Secure C-Suite Buy-In for an Employee Engagement Platform. It can be the first step in your journey toward creating a best-in-class employee engagement program.

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