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Elements of a Highly Engaging Workplace Culture

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Let’s get a little nerdy.

When you think of a periodic table, do you typically think of chemistry class and atomic numbers? Kronos switched it up a bit recently with The Periodic Table of Elements for a Highly Engaging Workplace Culture. Stay with us.

The “elements” are broken into five areas that make or break a company’s culture: people and relationships; leadership; benefits and perks; work-life balance; and learning and development. Let’s take a closer look at why a few of these elements earned a spot on the table.

First up is Appreciation (Ap). More than half of employees say that hearing an occasional “thank you” from their managers gives them a high sense of satisfaction. But many organizations don’t have an engagement solution that gives managers an easy, public way to extend appreciation to their team.

Another key element is Recognition and Rewards (R2). Almost half of HR managers say that recognition and rewards programs are an important retention strategy, especially for high performers. And employees agree. Today’s workforce wants peer-driven, mission-focused programs that celebrate both individual and team successes in real time.

Don’t underestimate the importance of Mentoring (M), particularly for Millennials. One in five employees said that having a mentor or sponsor is beneficial,. A major component of successful performance review processes is creating a coaching mentality among managers, who encourage and support their teams.

The rest of the infographic appears below and is available here. While it won’t help you memorize atomic numbers, it will share the elements of an engaging company culture.

Infographic_Periodic_Table_of_Essential_Elements_of_a_Highly_Engaging_Workplace_Culture_Infographic_FINAL (2)

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