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Quiz and Tips for Retaining New Hires

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Congratulations! You just hired a new employee who has just the right experience, seems like a perfect fit for your company culture and starts in two weeks. You can forget about having to fill that position again, right? Think again.

According to one study, almost a third of new hires plan to leave their jobs within the first 12 months. It can be painful to think about the lost training time and costs, disruption for the rest of the team and HR energy and budget to go through the process again. In fact, there might not be a single benefit to losing employees quickly.

Now what? We put together five tips to help HR play a more active role in retaining new hires. Keep track of how many of these are incorporated at your company. We’ll tell you what your score means at the end.

  1. Act excited they’ve joined your company. Even though it’s just another Monday to you, that first day is the start of new journey for new hires. Buy them coffee. Take them to lunch. Acknowledge that this is a milestone in their career rather than just another Monday at the office.
  2. Be personal and honest, but don’t spend 10 minutes bashing the company. Keep it positive.
  3. Pre-emptively schedule 1-2 check-ins after the formal onboarding activities. It’ll go a long way in showing them that they’re still important, after the initial flurry of attention is gone.
  4. Many times you were their first touchpoint within the company. Because they might feel more comfortable with you, employees may share more with you than their managers. Keep that in mind, and tell their manager a bit about them to help them connect and transition the relationship.
  5. Show them how your employee engagement platform works. Don’t just give them a log in; spend a few minutes showing them all the great ways they can meet and interact with the team. It’ll be an important avenue for them, especially if employees aren’t all in the same office.

Ready to see how you scored? If numbers 1-4 are part of your process, you are a really great HR manager. But the only way to really keep your new hires happy is to do number five. Why? Although you can do a lot of things to set an employee up for success, the only way to keep them engaged is to provide tools that enable them to be an active part of your organization. Share with employees the importance of responding to surveys. Show them how to participate in your recognition and rewards program. Help them understand how your company uses goals in performance development conversations.

If Step One is to have an employee engagement platform in place, Step Two is to have a dialogue around using it with new hires. It can be the key to happiness, but only if it’s an active piece of your company culture.

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