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Disrupting the HR Status Quo

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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being part of the inaugural DisruptHR Chicago event held at 1871. The evening featured short, focused presentations from 10 HR thought leaders who shared their forward-thinking ideas on talent. Each speaker was allotted five minutes to present and was challenged to “blow the mind” of the audience.

Some speaker highlights included:

  • Jen Sommesi, Talent Acquisition Manager for CDW, talked about how branding plays into recruiting the best and brightest.
  • Dawn Hrdlica-Burke, VP of Talent from DAXKO, outlined why HR is more than just a wingwoman or man to the CEO and should take charge of the people strategy.
  • Jason Lauritsen, Director of Client Success for Quantum Workplace, explained that HR needs the courage to step up and address the people strategy of a company.

Strong Leadership Starts with Your Mindset

In my session, I focused on the importance of building a strong growth mindset within your organization. If companies really want to turn up the dial on engagement, they need to reignite in their employees a sense of awe and wonder about their jobs. HR must help build environments where people are being challenged and are learning.

To create this culture of constant learning, organizations should foster a growth mindset among its workforce (as a opposed to a “fixed mindset.”) Employees with a growth mindset see failure as an opportunity to grow rather than as a limit of their abilities. Organizations can build this attitude through providing feedback channels, coaching opportunities and continuous development.

What We Learned

These events are important because they help the HR community feel supported and learn what others are doing in the space. DisruptHR was also an opportunity for HR leaders to become better versed in the shift from technology designed for “behind the desk” to the front lines of the employee experience. In case you couldn’t attend or want to see the full event, you can see all the presentations from DisruptHR here.

Does your organization have a growth mindset in place? If not, what steps are you taking to better engage employees? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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