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Build vs. Buy: The Complexity of Your Organization


Most successful organizations have some type of recognition and rewards program in place, although many do not leverage a technology solution to make it a best-in-class program. And yet, the larger and more complex an organization, the more critical the need for a modern, sophisticated and integrated system becomes. Though larger organizations may want to use internal resources to build a solution, a premium system for purchase may cut costs in half and be configured to suit requirements. Recognition and rewards solution providers ease the administrative burden on HR and add tremendous value to the employee experience.

Whether you plan to build your own technology solution or not, it’s imperative to ask the following:

  • How many departments and teams does your organization support?
  • How many locations?
  • Are you a global, multinational or multilingual organization?
  • Do your employees need to access their applications via a mobile or smart device?
  • Can you provide them with a mobile experience that is just as secure and engaging as the web application?
  • If you plan to offer rewards, will you need to design a global rewards program?
  • Can you streamline reward delivery to all the countries you operate in?

Our next blog post will examine the costs associated with building an in-house recognitions and rewards solution vs outsourcing to a solution provider.

Sally Scannell is a Sales Solution Engineer at HighGround, working with customers to establish key performance indicators and helping them achieve program goals. She contributes information both internally and externally by keeping abreast of industry news, research and studies. Sally serves as a trusted advisor to HighGround customers, helping them envision and drive continuous improvement in their employee engagement programs.