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Build vs. Buy: Keeping Your Technology Up-To-Date

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So far we’ve discussed how the complexity of your organization and various technology costs have an impact on your decision to build a recognition and rewards program in-house or hire a solution provider. This post dives into the technology side of your program and how it can also be impacted by your decision.

As we discussed before, you will need to update your application with the latest technology and security features. But are you also planning to regularly update your solution with new features that are compliant with the best practices in HR? When it comes to recognition, a once-a-month approach is not enough. In fact, according Gallup survey, “Only one in three workers in the U.S. strongly agree that they received recognition in the past seven days. At any given company, it’s not uncommon for employees to feel their best efforts are routinely ignored.”

Effective recognition is given in real time, so the supporting technology should not be a “set it and forget it.” For organizations that want to build a culture of recognition, their systems will require careful attention and frequent updates. Make sure you don’t run the risk of developing a tool that will be obsolete within a year or two.

Sally Scannell is a Sales Solution Engineer at HighGround, working with customers to establish key performance indicators and helping them achieve program goals. She contributes information both internally and externally by keeping abreast of industry news, research and studies. Sally serves as a trusted advisor to HighGround customers, helping them envision and drive continuous improvement in their employee engagement programs.