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Analyze THIS: What HR Experts Shared in October

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This month we’re talking about China. No, not the country, the HR industry legend China Gorman. Here’s the bird’s eye view: she has extensive HR consulting experience, with leadership stints at the Great Place to Work Institute and SHRM. While she’s currently based in Las Vegas, Gorman has traveled the world for both client and speaking engagements, which affords her a unique view of the space.

It was just reported last week that Gorman will help re-launch the HR Tech World conference, now branded as Unleash. HRN, the event’s organizer, is counting on Gorman’s experience, connections and brand reputation to help revitalize the conference. Tapping into an influencer like Gorman is a smart way to ensure the event doesn’t become just another HR conference.

Ongoing education is so important for HR leaders for a few different reasons. From a systems standpoint, the rate at which technology in the industry is evolving is staggering. Today AI is beginning to do more than automate simple processes. From a usability standpoint, integration is allowing employees to embrace new tools via their preferred communication channels. Between January and July of this year, venture capitalists had invested more than $400 million in HR technologies, and most don’t see the interest slowing down anytime soon.

A high level of transformation is also happening in the strategies businesses use to manage, develop, engage and retain their workforces. With an influx of younger employees who bring with them new preferences, habits and work styles, the old strategies no longer work. Annual performance reviews, one-sided, top-down feedback and old school recognition and rewards have all been replaced by new tactics and a data-driven approach.

And let’s not forget the solution providers themselves, HighGround included. We walk away from each and every conference we attend with a new perspective that will help us further improve upon our own technology.

Events and conferences allow practitioners and vendors alike to understand the current landscape, explore sales and partnership opportunities and network with those who are managing the workforce in new and innovative ways. It’s no longer your grandfather’s workplace, so we’re excited to see Gorman tapped to create an event that focuses on the future of work and engaging talent as a true competitive advantage.

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