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Analyze THIS: What HR Experts Shared in September


We’ve featured Meghan M. Biro’s work on Talent Culture previously in this series (in April and in August) and for this month’s post we’re digging a bit deeper. The blog brings together HR practitioners through forums, groups and blog posts to present ideas to improve strategies for recruiting, employee engagement and performance management.

What makes the blog unique is that contributors are neither boring nor using shock value to drive up views; they are thoughtful but don’t shy away from controversy when there’s value to be derived from it (even touching on politics). For this month’s post, we decided to highlight our favorite post from this month (hat tip goes to @MeghanMBiro, of course).

Five Traits of Great Managers

This week Meghan shared a post by Mark Crowley, Gallup’s Profound Discovery: Engagement Is Driven By Good Managers With Rare Talents. He believes that our collectively low engagement level is not the fault of changing worker expectations or a generational shift. He points to ineffective – even destructive – leaders as the sole reason employees are so unhappy. In a study, Gallup determined that people with the following five talents are the best managers:

  1. They individually motivate and inspire employees to take action.
  2. They assertively drive outcomes and successfully maneuver through adversity and resistance.
  3. They create a culture of clear accountability.
  4. They build relationships anchored by trust, full transparency and advocacy.
  5. They make decisions based on productivity, not politics.

Too often employees are promoted to management positions for the wrong reasons – either to reward someone for a long tenure or because they’ve reached their limit as an individual contributor, for example. Either way, the results are devastating – engagement levels have barely improved in recent years, and it’s at the cost of business success: Gallup found great managers contribute 48% higher profits than average ones.

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