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Analyze THIS: What HR Experts Shared in March

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Today we kick off our newest blog series, where we talk about what HR experts, analysts and influencers shared socially this month. Be sure to click on the Twitter handles under each headline to follow these thought leaders. They’re smart, witty and often cover the industry’s trends in new, interesting (and even sometimes, funny) ways.

So, for this first installment, we’ve featured three articles shared or written by HR influencers that have two things in common: leadership and sports. Enjoy!

Body language, leadership and… women’s basketball?

Hat tip: @tdurham

This month we learned just how serious one celebrated leader takes engagement. . A year-old video of Geno Auriemma, head coach of the University of Connecticut women’s basketball team, went viral recently when he shared he wouldn’t – and hasn’t – hesitated to bench even his best players if they aren’t engaged in the game, have the right attitude or share the team’s mindset. Think it’s a little harsh? Consider what happens to your department if someone on your team is complaining, not helping others or otherwise disengaged. We think more managers should use body language as a way to gauge engagement and value to a team.

What it really takes to be a great coach

Hat tip: @lruettimann

Sticking to the basketball theme, this blog about a coach’s true goal hit home. In her post, Leadership is Meant to Change Someone’s Life, Laurie Ruettimann said, “In the midst of March Madness, it’s especially true that you shouldn’t be a coach if you don’t want to change lives. Basketball coach, life coach, financial coach, or even just a coach on a kid’s football team. You can’t coach someone if you’re not obsessed with making that person’s life better.” Think back to the manager who most helped push your career forward – we’re willing to be he/she was someone who cared about your personal growth and doing whatever possible to help you to be successful.

What makes the Cubs great

Hat tip: @IncentIntel

Our favorite post on Fistful of Talent this month was hands down The Chicago Cubs and Cultural Fit. First, we’re headquartered in Chicago and many of us are still riding the high brought on by winning the World Series last year. Second, as big fans of Theo Epstein’s leadership style, it’s nice to see someone honored by Forbes for recognizing the correlation between employee success and engagement. The best employees – or players in the case of the Cubs – are those they are put in an environment where they can thrive, but also encourage and be an example to others around them.

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