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Analyze THIS: What HR Experts Shared in June

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For this month’s recap of our favorite articles shared by the industry’s top influencers, we’re focusing on why engagement is so important – but not exactly in the way you imagine.

Here on our blog, we talk a lot about how to put practices in place that will improve employee engagement. We all want happy employees, right? But what we don’t often talk about is how engagement influences individuals both before and after they’re actual employees.

How engagement affects job seekers
Hat tip: @Josh_Bersin

Last month Glassdoor announced it was the fastest-growing job site with 45 million users, averaging 28% growth in users each month in 2017. As Josh shared in his tweet, the numbers prove that “culture, leadership, environment really matter.” What does Glassdoor offer job seekers that other sites don’t? An inside look at what it really means to work at different organizations. Employees aren’t just looking for a paycheck; they’re looking for a place to belong. No other site can provide the perspective needed to determine if a company is a match, and vice versa. If your employees are touting your company’s perks, benefits and environment, you’ll be more attractive to A players.

How engagement affects your own alumni
Hat tip: @Sharlyn_Lauby

We sometimes neglect to consider the lasting impact of a past employee’s negative or positive experience. Sharlyn talks about this in a June blog post about how a certain level of turnover is unavoidable, but how ex-employees are still valuable in three ways. First, they are a reflection of your company, even long after they’ve left, in the form on how they choose to talk about you to others. Second, the talent shortage happening across many industries means that ex-employees who had a positive experience could potentially come back, either temporarily or permanently, to fill a niche need. And third, they can influence their friends or family who have the potential to be either employees or customers.

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