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Analyze THIS: What HR Experts Shared in August

HR managers are busy. When your day job is all-consuming, it’s not always easy to find the time to read about the latest and greatest management strategies that could benefit your team. What’s even more difficult is then uncovering the best ways to incorporate those ideas into your existing processes in a time- and budget-conscious way. For this month’s social media recap of the industry’s top influencers, we are spotlighting articles from HR experts offering practical tips and tricks for HR managers to put into practice TODAY.

Create Stronger Employee Connections

Hat tip:@MeghanMBiro

Earlier this month, Meghan Biro (an Analyze THIS regular) shared an article from her site, Talent Culture, covering not just why it’s important to foster employee connections, but also some ways to do it. Tips included simple ideas like breaking employees into groups of three to encourage collaboration, or more strategic changes like implementing monthly peer reviews. While not every suggestion is an easy fix, there’s something in here for everyone. Check out 5 Ways to Boost Employee Connections – And Why It Matters.

Better Manage Remote Employees

Hat tip: @AlisonDeNisco

Tech Republic’s Alison DeNisco tackles remote employee challenges in her post, How to Manage Remote Workers: 5 Tips. She shares real-world examples from companies like Basecamp, who relies on getting hiring right vs. micromanaging employees who weren’t the best fit from the start. Also, she cautions not to underestimate the value of social collaboration tools to help foster engagement and unity. Read on for three more tips to getting it right.

Giving Better Feedback

Hat tip: @kathryndill

This CNBC article, 3 Body-Language Tricks for Giving Employees Feedback, shares three easy-to-remember physical tips for providing negative feedback to employees. The tips themselves aren’t rocket science, but they provide practical advice HR leaders can share with managers immediately in an effort to make feedback efforts more positive and results-focused.

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