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Analyze THIS: What HR Experts Shared in April

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For this edition of what HR top influencers shared this month, we’re focusing on the writers of the group. Anyone can manage coming up with 140 characters or less, but only serious thought leaders can craft essays and articles that, well, make you think.

This month, the “hat tip” goes to the author themselves. These are the folks helping to move the industry forward by sharing their experiences and insights into the world of employee engagement.

10 Leadership Traits Killing Your Retention Rate

Hat tip: @MeghanMBiro

Are you reading Forbes contributor Meghan Biro’s articles? If not, you should be. She covers talent, branding, HR tech, leadership and digital media so there’s something for everyone in her articles. In her April article, How To Tell If Your Leader Is Ruining Employee Retention, she shares that while we’re trying to solve retention in a number of ways (think technology and salary increases), the real inhibitor to retention is your leadership. She outlines 10 traits that send employees running for the hills, and it’s spot on.

Musings for Millennials on Careers Today

Hat tip: @danschawbel

Another Forbes’ contributor we love is Dan Schawbel, who conducts a lot of insightful interviews. In April we came across an interview he did with Kathryn Minshew, CEO of career platform called, Kathryn Minshew: How To Navigate The New World Of Work. With Schawbel and Minshew both Millennials themselves, the interview uncovers some great points about younger generations that are navigating through the process of finding a job today and building out their careers. Her three bits of career advice are particularly helpful.

What Geniuses Can Teach Us About Being Productive Slackers

Hat tip: @EntryLevelRebel

Switching over to another one of our favorite publications for great articles on employees and the workplace: Inc. Contributor Jessica Stillman covers a broad range of topics but all seem to have some tie to unconventional career paths, generational differences and the future of work. We loved her April article, 3 Geniuses Who Were All Slackers (and Why You Should Imitate Their Routines), for the way it made us question if more time spent working really equals higher productivity and value. Check this out for a look at the work habits of three geniuses and see if anything strikes a chord.

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