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Four HR Improvements to Better Engage Employees – Pt. 2

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Last week we talked about a few changes that HR can make to help increase employee engagement. Today we’ll tackle a few more ways that you can start creating a culture where continuous, real-time feedback are engrained in your company culture and employees are happier.

Make Real-Time Recognition the Norm

If you’re from an organization steeped in more traditional recognition practices, it might sound unfeasible to transition to more modern (i.e. social-based, real-time) approaches and technologies. It’s not.

You’d be surprised to know that most of your workforce, regardless of generation, is probably very receptive to recognition initiatives that celebrate accomplishments as they happen using solutions that closely resemble consumer apps. That’s one HUGE piece of the puzzle that’s already solved – you can be confident your user base is not only open to change, but is very likely going to embrace it.

You now have to arm your workforce with the tools that will make real-time recognition a reality. Today’s recognition platforms allow employees to choose rewards that are relevant to them, including non-monetary, monetary and creative cultural rewards tailored to your company. However, there is something more important than changing the reward – it’s about changing when the reward is given. Giving recognition as soon as it’s deserved (e.g. after a major client win or company success) is more impactful than on a standard basis. The closer to the achievement the recognition is given, the more impact it has.

Capture the Voice of Your Employees and Actually Do Something About It

Think about it: can you remember taking an annual survey during your career? Chances are you can easily recall the process. But how about this: do you ever remember any action taken after the survey was complete? What changed? You probably recall the process more than the results (if anything was even done with them.) Unfortunately for many employees, surveys are perceived simply as vanity endeavors from HR that aren’t worth the effort put into completing them.

You still need a way to easily connect with personnel and understand overall satisfaction levels from every employee consistently and surveys are indeed a meaningful way to do this But annual surveys rarely yield any meaningful changes when they are not supported by follow-up throughout the year. Unfortunately data becomes outdated and sentiments felt across the organization at the beginning of the year are likely to change many times over.

To make change, monitor organizational health more regularly through pulse surveys. And once you do – actually do something with the results. You can’t just identify what changes employees want– you need to actually acknowledge their feedback. If you answer questions and address concerns, you’ll instill trust and eliminate issues before they become huge problems. Even if a solution isn’t provided for every problem that’s being discussed, just listening to employees will make them feel empowered and as a result, more engaged.

In Closing….

While these engagement issues are nothing new, the ways you can solve them are. These problems can’t all be solved overnight, but with these changes in mind, you can make strides toward a more engaged workforce.

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