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Four HR Improvements to Better Engage Employees – Pt. 1

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It’s no secret that HR departments understand why they need to engage employees but the focus has now shifted to how to actually make change. Here are two changes that can be made to help improve employee engagement. Stay tuned next week as we share two more. Change takes time but you can start engraining some of these behaviors in your workforce starting today.

Enable better employee performance

We know that managers don’t believe annual reviews are an accurate representation of the employee. Research has consistently shown that performance appraisals are found be painful and don’t work.

Organizations have changed their mindsets to focus on performance enablement rather than just management. They’re starting to instill systems that empower continuous feedback, allowing employees to alter behaviors when necessary and develop skills more quickly. Continuous feedback may look slightly different at every company, but according to a Towers Watson survey, 43 percent of people who identified as “highly engaged” received coaching at least once a week.

You can ensure that weekly, meaningful conversations actually occur and are documented through employee engagement platforms. Technology can make the process much easier and should include mobile functionality for on-the-fly usage.

Implement employee-created, agile and transparent goals

Has anyone in your personal life ever set a goal on your behalf? Has someone else decided what you should work toward? If someone did, how did it go over? It seems unlikely you accomplished that goal, so why has workplace goal-setting traditionally been a top-down, manager-to-employee directive?

Companies know that goal-setting is an important part of employee development but the top-down, once-a-year process doesn’t work. Successful organizations realize that when employees create their own goals and are provided with tools that help them track, adjust and update them regularly, it’s more likely those goals will be achieved.

The focus should be on the employee – not the process. So how can HR ease this transition to an employee-focused approach? Employee engagement solutions help employees set goals with objectives and key results (OKRs) that are aligned with company and team goals.

They also can be transparent across the organization to facilitate better collaboration between departments. Mobile-friendly goal management solutions like HighGround help employers meet the real-time feedback demands of its employees and transition from an inconsistent or annual goal-setting cycle to a continuous or quarterly cadence.

These are just two changes you can start increasing employee engagement. Stay tuned next week as we share two more ways to jumpstart your strategy.

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