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HighGround is Hiring

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Working for a startup inherently coincides with some stereotypes. Some are true, but many aren’t. We were inspired by this Built in Chicago article from earlier this year outlining some tropes commonly associated with working at a startup. Why does working at HighGround offer a different kind of workplace experience than other startups? Here are just a few reasons:

Changing Ourselves to Help Change Our Customers

Our solution helps companies create high-performing, engaged workforces so it’s only natural that we do the same inside our own offices. We “drink our own Kool Aid” so to speak. We create our own goals and recognize each other for great work. Our management team regularly listens to employee opinions, creating a culture where collaboration and transparency are simply second nature. So while this makes HighGround a great place to work and grow, it also makes us uniquely equipped to help our customers address their own engagement and performance challenges.

Defining Values to Drive Innovation

We don’t just build a product at HighGround. We build individuals, teams and ideas that, in turn, help grow our solution and organization to be best-in-class. Our drive and commitment to excellence means that while we may have individual roles, we know what it means to wear different hats and work towards a collective goal. And because we foster collaborative minds, our employees have ample opportunity to get to know each other beyond the conference room or cubicle to form real relationships. We’re creative, collaborative and passionate about our work and customers.

Giving Employees Control of Development

We leave micromanagement to other organizations. If you work at HighGround, it’s because we trust that you not only KNOW your job, but you WANT to do it and do it well. We expect hard work and that’s reflected in the goals we set for our company and ourselves. But the hard work also challenges us to stay engaged, champion the customer, develop our skills and better chart the course for HighGround’s future.

Does HighGround sound like a place you want to be? Check out a few of our open positions:

Customer Success Manager

We are seeking driven individuals that are passionate about helping customers solve their business problems and achieve their organizational goals. You will form strategic and trusted relationships with our customers to ensure retention and product adoption. You will work closely with all HighGround departments to advocate for the changing needs of our customers.

Full Stack Developer

We are looking for highly motivated Full Stack Developers that have a genuine interest in all software technology and know how to make life easier for our customers. Your passion and dedication to our product will continue to make it the best solution on the market.

Implementation Project Manager

As we continue to experience rapid growth, we are seeking leaders who are familiar with deploying complex, enterprise solutions to large, global organizations. You will be the point-of-contact for the implementation project team, which includes both internal and external stakeholders, to ensure timely go-live dates, document client requirements, develop project timelines, identify and mitigate risk, configure software, track project milestones and provide feedback to stakeholders and executive management.


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