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27 Moments When You Should ReThink Your Employee Engagement Strategy

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  1. Before you acquire another company. Over 70% of acquisitions fail and culture is a big factor.
  2. When you’re trying not to be acquired.
  3. If you’re unsure of how your employees feel about its leadership – both at the C-suite and managerial level.
  4. When your company is having trouble recruiting.
  5. Before your company has high turnover. One in 6 workers will change jobs in the next six months.
  6. If you’ve noticed a recent downturn in employee morale.
  7. If you’re giving out pens as five-year anniversary gifts for employees.
  8. When you ask employees about their goals and they give you a blank stare.
  9. When you’ve had a longtime CEO.
  10. When you have a new CEO.
  11. When your company has had an exceptionally profitable quarter or year.
  12. When your leadership can’t tell you the last time an employee survey was conducted. 98% don’t do anything with results.
  13. When it’s a day ending in “y.”
  14. When employees are happy. 78% of Millennials say their environment makes them leave/stay.
  15. When you notice that employees are taking more PTO than usual.
  16. When you organize a company social event and attendance is low.
  17. Before you go through a big hiring event.
  18. When a list of “Best Companies to Work For” list comes out and you realize you have very little in common with those organizations included.
  19. If your company is planning a geographical expansion.
  20. When you can’t remember the last time you conducted an employee survey. Less than half of companies issue surveys.
  21. If your company’s scores on sites like Glassdoor or Yelp are….not good.
  22. If people audibly groan when you even mention the words “performance review.”
  23. If you’re having a good hair day.
  24. When your top performers are leaving. 82% don’t think they’re recognized enough.
  25. When the domino effect happens in a particular department or location. One employee leaves. Then another. Then another.
  26. When someone suggests you come up with an engagement strategy.
  27. When you’re losing customers. Customer retention rates go up 18% when employees are engaged.

What we’ve learned here is that it’s always a good time to re-consider your engagement strategy.

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