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Have You Already Broken These HR Resolutions?

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Hard to believe but January is already coming to a close. For those people who made new year’s resolutions, they might be well on their way toward making change while for others, those resolutions might already be a thing of the past. Some statistics indicate that less than 60% of people maintain their resolutions past the first month. Did you or your team make any of the following resolutions and more importantly, are you still sticking to them?

Resolution 1: Setting New Goals

For many employees, January is a fresh start — A time for re-setting goals, attitudes and priorities. Many times employees will set goals but not check-in again until months later. With the new year comes the opportunity to not only goals but reframe the way they’re achieved. Encourage your employees and managers to collaborate on agile goals — and make sure they have the mechanisms and support in place to adjust them when necessary.

Resolution 2: Changing Performance Management Processes

It seemed that last year everyone talked about why to change, but this year companies can actually transition to a new approach. So what’s replacing traditional, annual reviews? Should managers have more frequent conversations? Are managers being coached on how to make these conversations more productive? Do employees have the tools to solicit feedback from their peers on their team and from other departments? HR is now asking these questions internally and is preparing to actually begin an ongoing, continuous approach.

Resolution 3: Checking Yourself Regularly

This is sort of a trick resolution. Think about the previous two resolutions: have you and your teams not only set new goals but have you checked in and update them since they were set? Have you encouraged your managers to have more frequent conversations with their teams? Do you have any way of knowing how often (or not often) your employees are engaging with one another and with their managers?

With so many tools and processes out there to choose from, it can be daunting to determine which ones will have the biggest impact on the employee experience in 2017. What’s the best way to drive better performance? What are some strategies to maintain early momentum? How can you ensure employees have the right goals that drive toward the company’s mission?

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