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HR Leaders and Trends to Follow at HR Tech Chicago

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In our last post, 10 Must-Dos at HR Tech Chicago, we talked about what not to miss at the conference and around our hometown. We are thrilled to be participating in sessions and events throughout HR Tech, and perhaps most excited to parade around our crew of rescue puppies (not kidding). You can learn about what we have planned here.

To stay connected to everything happening at the conference, we’ve rounded up 10 Twitter handles and hashtags to follow next week.

First up are two of our very own executives who will be sharing their experiences from the conference floor: (1) Anna Burke and (2) Andee Harris. Anna will be live-tweeting during the “Next Great HR Technology Company” session where Andee will be speaking. If you haven’t heard about the session, it’s formatted similar to NBC’s The Voice, and we’ll duke it out with other companies to be named the winner. They’re your best bet for the HighGround play-by-play as they attend sessions throughout the week.

For the perspective of the HR influencer, we recommend following five great ones who are notorious for tweeting their thoughtful insights during industry events, and will provide an unbiased look at the ideas and companies that are making an impact at the conference. They are: (3) Josh Bersin, (4) Bill Kutik, (5) Madeline Laurano, (6) Jason Averbook and (7) Steve Boese. Madeline is actually HighGround’s coach for the “Next Great Technology Company” session and will be guiding our team to victory. (Fingers crossed!)

Of course, the conference organizers will be tweeting from (8) @HRTechConf, and that will be a great way to catch big announcements and links to news that comes out of the conference.

Last but not least, be search to track these two hashtags: (9) #HRTechConf and (10) #HighGround. As a bonus to this list, it might not be a bad idea to follow #puppies and #booth854 to keep up to date on what’s happening at the HighGround booth.

If one of those eight folks missed any part of the event, it’s sure to show up with one of these hashtags.

Happy listening and tweeting!

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