Performance Management Platforms for HR Business Partners

The Relationship Between Performance Management Platforms and HR Business Partners

HR business partners(HRBP) are often key players for organizations looking to align business objectives with employee management. In most cases, HRBPs are brought in to work with C-level and senior leaders to improve human resources-related issues like performance management and employee engagement.

HR business partners can have a major impact on your company, shaping your future employee management strategies. However, many HRBPs face a series of challenges when they step into a new organization, including:

  • Lack of visibility into performance across teams, departments and locations.
  • Lack of clarity around company’s mission, vision and values.
  • Lack of understanding around mentoring and coaching efforts.

For HRBPs to drive organizational change, you need to provide them with ample information and insight into your employees and company.

How Employee Performance Management Tools Help HR Business Partners

HR business partners’ success hinges on their ability to act on insights and information. An employee performance and engagement platform is an excellent resource for HRBPs to get a pulse on your organization. To make actionable changes that result in happier, more engaged employees, HRBPs need access to comprehensive, in-depth info like:

  • Employee Feedback – Feedback gets a bad rap, but it’s an excellent way to gauge how employees feel about their work and how they’re progressing over time. Even more, collecting feedback gives HRBPs a foundation to begin building or reworking your existing HR strategies. Feedback also enables HR business partners to work with executive-level managers to identify the best way to coach employees.
  • Company Culture – Company culture involves much more than dress codes and vacation policies. It includes how supervisors interact with employees, the way performance conversations are held and how career goals are set. Employee engagement software provides HRBPs with a comprehensive, insider view of the components that make up company culture and how an organization’s mission, vision and values are reflected in employees’ performance.
  • Performance Visibility – A lack of performance visibility limits your ability to make any kind of strategy changes. Employee performance and engagement solutions allow you (and HRBPs) to better understand which employees have achieved their goals and which haven’t. It’s also helpful for identifying a correlation between high performance and employee engagement. Typically, employees who are more engaged perform better than those who aren’t. Once you’ve identified the departments with fewer engaged employees, you can start making adjustments for improvement.

HighGround Makes Working With HR Business Partners Simple

When you work with HR business partners, you need an employee performance and engagement solution that provides unparalleled visibility, unlimited feedback and an inside look at company culture.

You need HighGround.

Our cloud-based solution fosters a real sense of engagement and communication between employees and managers, making it easier to work with HR business partners toward better business goals and outcomes.

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