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Annual employee engagement and satisfaction surveys are not enough to accurately gauge employee sentiment. You need to leverage frequent surveys to uncover granular data that helps you make more strategic business decisions.

HighGround enables businesses to create three types of real-time engagement surveys: pulse surveys, benchmark surveys and polls. Our intuitive platform collects data and analyzes the results, delivering the insights you need to make on-the-fly strategy decisions.

Employee Survey Software Benefits Your Company

Annual benchmark surveys alone rarely yield any significant changes for organizations. Why? Because employee opinions change over time and information collected once a year is likely outdated.

HighGround’s cloud-based employee survey platform enables you to continuously solicit and capture employee feedback, delivering several organizational advantages:

For Employees

For Employees

  • Guaranteed anonymity allows employees to feel safe when responding
  • Real-time feedback captures how employees are feeling in the moment
  • Cloud-based, mobile technology lets employees respond to surveys anytime, anywhere

For Managers

For Managers

  • Monitor overall mood and sentiments over time
  • Identify inefficiencies, roadblocks and areas for immediate improvement
  • Make survey results transparent to the organization to encourage open discussion for positive change

Best-in-Class Employee Survey Software

Companies dedicated to capturing the voice of their employees use HighGround. With a user-friendly platform and a variety of tools to encourage ongoing feedback and discussion, employees know you’re listening and are interested in what they have to say.

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