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In-depth people analytics drive smarter HR decision making. Companies that leverage robust people analytics software can capture granular data and use that information to support practical changes across the organization.

HighGround’s innovative employee analytics platform gives you an unprecedented view into employee performance and engagement, exposing areas of your workforce that are engaged and productive, as well as those that need improvement.

Organizational Advantages of People Analytics Software

Today’s HR managers want – and need – data to better understand employee engagement and overall organizational health. HighGround’s robust employee analytics software collects workforce insights in real time to help decision makers and stakeholders achieve better performance from their teams.

Using HighGround’s intuitive analytics dashboard, HR managers and the C-Suite can reap a variety of organizational advantages:

HR Managers Can

HR Managers Can

  • Monitor performance and engagement data such as mood, completed goals and coaching effectiveness
  • Receive and analyze data from almost any attribute, including business unit, tenure and location
  • Track peer-to-peer and top-down recognition across teams, and over time

The C-Suite Can

The C-Suite Can

  • Share regular performance and engagement data generated from in-depth reports
  • Receive automated alerts about activities that are improving and those that still need work
  • Gain a holistic view of the workforce using HighGround’s advanced analytics dashboard

It’s Time for More Insightful People Analytics Software

Better understanding your people is the cornerstone of successful business operations. HighGround empowers HR managers and the C-Suite with the tools and information you need to keep employees happy, engaged and performing at the highest possible level.

The data on your people is out there. Now is the time to use it.

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