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21 Trends These Executives Saw in 2017

Want to know what to expect next year? Take some cues from the hot trends gaining momentum in the last 11 months. Here’s what nearly two dozen executives saw happening in 2017. As originally appeared on Inc.

4 Tips for Managers Working With a New Team

When you start a new management position, you might feel conflicted. It can be intimidating to establish your authority among employees you’ve never worked with before or don’t know very well. As originally appeared on Business News Daily.

Giving Managers Feedback on Feedback

Feedback is a crucial part of employee growth. Dishing it out is not always easy for leaders but here’s how CLOs can help. As originally appeared on Chief Learning Officer.

Lonely, I’m So Lonely, I Have Nobody to Talk to at Work

There are a lot of things people don’t tell you about leaving the nine-to-five grind to go into business for yourself. While being your own boss certainly has its advantages, you may find that you miss personal interactions with your coworkers. Whether you’re freelancing or just worry about getting to close to your small staff, …

How HighGround is Working Toward a Workforce That’s 50 Percent Female

In recent years, several tech companies have gained notoriety by failing to address cultural issues until they start making headlines. HighGround, a Chicago-based employee engagement startup, wants to take a more proactive approach. As originally appeared on Built In Chicago.

How Employee Annual Performance Reviews Can Make Or Break Customer Experience

Companies have figured out their employees’ experience can make or break them in the age of the customer. Not that how satisfied and engaged the employee was never important; the difference today is that the causality between customer satisfaction, revenue and the employee has never been clearer. As originally appeared on Forbes.

The Best Ways to Tell the Hard Truth at Work

Companies need candor from their employees, but bosses must take real steps to make clear they’re open to bad news and contrary opinions. As originally appeared in the Wall Street Journal.

Remote Work: A Productive Perk Not Worth Taking Away

Digital transformation, innovation, disruption — it all starts with IT talent. So, if you’re thinking it seems counterintuitive to curtail benefits and perks that position you as an employer of choice for elite IT talent, you’d be right. As originally appeared on CIO.