Why You Need Enterprise HR Software That Focuses on Employees

Why You Need Enterprise HR Software That Focuses on Employees

Enterprise HR software is nothing new. Tools that automate human resources managers’ day-to-day tasks have been around for many years, yet companies still face one major issue. Most HR management software still puts the burden on HR, and doesn’t focus enough on the people it should help the most: employees.

The Problem With Most Enterprise HR Software

Existing enterprise HR software serves a number of purposes, from managing payroll and benefits programs to onboarding paperwork. The problem is, most systems fall short when it comes to facilitating cohesive, employee-first performance management and engagement processes. This happens because:

  • Platforms focus on simply automating outdated paper processes that don’t work in the first place.
  • HRIS systems don’t do to engage employees and keep them motivated.
  • Performance reviews are process-driven, burdensome and demotivating for employees.

The challenge for business is leaders is not to replace their existing HR systems altogether, but to fill these essential gaps. Fortunately, there are solutions available that can extend the capabilities of your traditional enterprise HR software and put performance management power into employees’ hands – rather than creating additional administrative burdens for HR.

What to Look for in Enterprise HR Software

Just because some enterprise HR solutions don’t do enough to motivate better employee performance and engagement, doesn’t mean you need to swear off them for good. Instead, look for technology that integrates easily with these systems and facilitates better performance by engaging employees on various levels. This can be done through a solution that enables:

  • Agile Goal-Setting – No two employees have the same career objectives – and one employee’s objectives won’t necessarily stay the same over time. The more you work with employees to clearly define and achieve their goals, they happier they’ll be. Look for an HR solution that allows for agile goal-setting. This enables employees to lay out career objectives, and adjust those goals along the way.
  • Ongoing Coaching – Defining goals isn’t enough. You also need to work with employees to make sure they have the resources to achieve them. Robust enterprise HR software enables managers to have meaningful coaching conversations with their employees to ensure they’re making progress toward their goals and can course correct when necessary. Employees can set-up regular meetings with supervisors to gauge where they are in reaching their objectives.
  • Employee-Driven Feedback – Feedback can be perceived as a bad thing, but it doesn’t have to be. Effective enterprise HR solutions allow employees to receive and submit feedback, both individually and in groups. It’s an opportunity to cultivate a growth mindset, and get an inside perspective from your workforce on what’s working, as well as what could use some improvement.

Ready for Enterprise HR Software That Gets Results?

HighGround started with a simple observation: Enterprise HR software wasn’t doing enough for employees, resulting in weak engagement. So we created a solution that fulfills HR managers’ needs, while simultaneously giving power to employees.

HighGround has aimed to change the way companies motivate and develop employees by providing an all-in-one solution that drives workforce engagement. At HighGround, we know that every employee impacts a company’s development and success.

Don’t settle for inferior enterprise HR software. To get started with HighGround, contact us today.