What You Need From Employee Performance Management Platforms

What You Need From Employee Performance Management Platforms

Employee performance management platforms are the new normal for enterprise HR solutions. Tired of outdated and unhelpful performance reviews, many companies now use technology to develop their employees, empower peer-to-peer recognition and gauge overall employee sentiment.

Unfortunately, there is one glaring problem with most employee performance measurement tools. They tend to the needs of HR staff and upper level management, and largely ignore the needs of employees. For software to be effective, it needs to appeal to the demands of the employee.

Employee Performance Management Platforms That Doesn’t Ignore Your Staff

Too many paper-based, manual employee appraisals and performance reviews offer limited insights that are demotivating to both employees and managers. Real-time Employee performance management platforms change the game. They eliminate siloed, antiquated check-in methods, giving employees and managers the opportunity to develop more quickly and ultimately, contribute more to the business.

Before investing in an employee performance measurement solution, remember that no two platforms are the same. Most solutions offer real-time updates and automated reports, but neglect one critical factor: the employee experience. Don’t settle for software that fails to address your workforce and only caters to HR administrators. Instead, implement a solution that engages employees through:

  • Goal-Setting – Employees often set monthly, bi-monthly and annual goals but have no way of adjusting, updating and measuring them as the need arises. With priorities constantly changing, employees must be equipped with a way to create agile goals. . Appraisal and performance software allows employees to set and fine-tune goals, and check on progress toward their objectives.
  • Continuous Feedback – Annual reviews are often the only time employees receive feedback from their managers only. Look for performance management software that enables peer-to-peer feedback and coaching conversations. This way, employees are never left wondering how they’re performing or where they need to improve. Plus, constant feedback fosters a growth mindset, encouraging employees to work toward goals.
  • Ongoing Check-Ins – Regular check-ins with employees erase the need for annual performance reviews. Employees can schedule check-ins when they need, resulting in more control and a higher level of engagement. This allows managers to focus on guiding performance, ensuring employees stay on track with their goals.

Ready for Employee Performance Management Platforms That Make a Difference?

At HighGround, we believe that a happy company starts with happy employees. We wanted to create a performance platform that puts the power back in employees’ hands, motivating your workforce toward peak performance and engagement.

And that’s exactly what we did.

Our employee engagement software transforms the way you manage performance, coaching, one-to-one feedback and check-ins. Everything is conducted in real time, providing you with immediate insights into your workforce.

Motivate your team to be better. To learn more about HighGround’s employee performance management platforms, download our on-demand webinar.