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How to Motivate Your Employees With Recognition and Rewards

Not sure how to motivate your employees? The answer might not be what you think – bonuses and higher pay aren’t the only things that work. Many HR teams are discovering that employee recognition and rewards are more effective than tenure-based perks and even monetary incentives for improving performance, retention and workplace morale.

How to Motivate Your Employees? Start With Employee Recognition

Employees often feel underappreciated in today’s workplace. This lack of recognition has serious consequences, not only for employees but for the organization itself. When employees don’t feel appreciated, performance suffers and voluntary turnover skyrockets, jeopardizing a company’s ability to retain quality talent.

how to motivate your employees involves knowing the way recognition and rewards impact employee morale and performance. More than four out of five employees indicate that their supervisors don’t recognize them for their efforts, yet 40 percent of employees say they would invest more energy in their jobs if their work was recognized more often.

Advice for HR Teams: How to Motivate Your Employees Using Recognition and Rewards

HR professionals can serve as catalysts for motivating employees. Although approaches may vary by organization, HR teams can leverage recognition and rewards for increased morale, better performance and reduced turnover.

High-level tips for how to motivate your employees with recognition and rewards include:

  • Align recognition and rewards with the company’s mission, vision and values. Engaged employees feel like they are helping the organization achieve its mission. Recognizing employees for living out the company mission, vision and values can go a long way toward building a more motivated workforce.
  • Create opportunities for multidirectional recognition and feedback. The most valuable recognition and feedback is multidirectional. In addition to top-down praise from managers and supervisors, provide opportunities for peer-to-peer and even customer-based recognition to acknowledge contributions in the workplace.
  • Allow employees to choose the type of rewards they receive. Employees appreciate different types of rewards. Although monetary rewards may be important to some employees, others may prefer non-monetary or creative cultural rewards. By letting employees choose, you can create a more meaningful rewards experience as you discover how to motivate your employees.
  • Encourage managers to amplify recognition. Managers can help create a motivated workforce by amplifying the recognition employees receive from peers and others. This can take many different forms (such as sharing recognition across existing collaboration or CRM tools), but it should include the recognition of both individuals and teams that report to them.

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