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How to Make the Most of Your HR Analytics Software Investment

HR analytics software is a must-have tool for the modern workplace. However, simply implementing a data analytics tool isn’t enough. To make the most of your investment, you’ll need to avoid common pitfalls associated with human resource analytics solutions.

Common Pitfalls When Using HR Analytics Software

HR analytics software presents opportunities for employers to convert data into action by guiding changes to their performance management and employee engagement strategies. But even though analytics technology has quickly gained a foothold in the corporate workplace, many employers still aren’t maximizing the impact of these tools.

Research conducted by Bersin by Deloitte showed that while more than half of employers have access to human resource analytics, only 30 percent use them for decision-making and a meager 4 percent use predictive analytics for workforce planning.

The takeaway? Too often, the technology HR teams use for key analytics fails to produce meaningful action.

Some of the problems commonly associated with the HR analytics software include:

  1. The technology doesn’t support a continuous engagement cycle.
    Continuous engagement is the best way for employers to collect data from their workforce. The problem is that many workforce analytics solutions never produce the data HR teams need to improve employee performance. Data is often collected infrequently and doesn’t include enough performance-related metrics, so it’s difficult to use analytics to drive meaningful actions.
  2. Analytics data is stale and/or irrelevant.
    Sufficient quantities of the right data lead to informed decisions and better employee engagement over time. When analytics solutions don’t provide data extracted from employee’s everyday performance and engagement actions, HR teams don’t have the information they need to develop and implement strategies that make improvements.
  3. The HR team isn’t armed with actionable data.
    Leading HR analytics software solutions capture granular insights about your workforce. With these technological capabilities in place, the HR team can actually do something with the data. Because HR professionals are already spread thin, teams need an HR analytics tool that immediately shows them why and where to take action.
  4. The user experience is clunky, complex and counter-intuitive.
    One reason why HR teams are unable to maximize the benefits of data analytics technology is that the user experience is inaccessible and confusing. In fast-paced organizations, HR teams need instant access to an easy-to-use dashboard that does the heavy lifting for them.
  5. You don’t get a holistic view of engagement.
    HR analytics solutions often fail to show the bigger picture, and do not correlate performance, recognition and survey data. By connecting these variables together, holistic analytics technologies empower HR teams to make better performance and engagement decisions.

In some instances, the challenges associated with the use of HR analytics technology can be attributed to a lack of training or other internal obstacles. But in other instances, the problem is the technology itself. If your organization isn’t making the best use of HR analytics software, it may be time to re-evaluate your technology and identify a platform that is more aligned with your goals and objectives.

A Smarter Approach to HR Analytics Software

Workforce improvements begin with selecting the right HR analytics software. For optimal results, you will need to narrow your search to technologies designed to overcome the common pitfalls associated with using human resource analytics.

At HighGround, we offer a cloud-based, performance management and employee engagement platform that helps your team capture real-time data and relevant, actionable insights. From recognition and rewards to coaching conversations and other workforce interactions, you gain visibility to the information you need to improve employee engagement and HR decision-making.

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