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What to Look for in an Employee Rewards Platform

A robust employee rewards platform does more than make employees feel good for a day or two. The right employee recognition and rewards solution allows you to build a highly engaged workforce through real-time performance acknowledgement and continuous feedback. The result? Motivated employees that are committed to improving performance and a creating a positive workplace.

3 Tools You Need in an Employee Rewards Platform

A one-time free lunch won’t keep employees engaged for very long. Strong employer-employee relationships are built from reward practices that consistently recognize employees for their hard work. You need a partner with an employee rewards platform that encourages real-time, meaningful recognition.
To fully engage with your workforce, increase employee retention and overall company sentiment, look for a platform that offers:

  1. Peer-Driven Rewards – Employees work together across teams and departments. Often, it’s peers who can accurately recognize team members for their hard work, so it’s important to implement a platform that enables peer-to-peer feedback during the recognition and reward process. Encouraging employees to recognize one another for their work is sometimes more rewarding than being recognized by a supervisor – and it leads to better overall engagement.
  2. Reward Selection – Across-the-board rewards may not carry much weight with all employees. Consider a solution that lets employees choose the rewards that are relevant to them. For example, rewards can be monetary or non-monetary; they can include creative cultural rewards, or employee-selected gift certificates.
  3. Interaction Measurement – It’s difficult to know whether an employee rewards platform is working without tracking metrics. To understand how your rewards program impacts the workforce, look for technology that offers granular insights around who is being rewarded most frequently. Armed with these insights, you’re better equipped to make decisions regarding employee recognition and rewards.

Improve Your Corporate Culture With an Employee Rewards Platform

At HighGround, we believe that you can build a highly engaged, motivated workforce through recognition and rewards. Our intuitive employee rewards platform makes it easy for HR teams to maximize the impact of rewards and encourage digital and social recognition. Using our reward and recognition platform, your organization can:

  • Share real-time peer-to-peer feedback
  • Provide employees a digital archive of their personal achievements
  • Let employees choose interest-based rewards
  • Measure recognition interaction data

When you partner with HighGround, you partner with an employee rewards platform provider that helps your workforce reach its full potential. Learn more with our whitepaper, “Revamp Your Recognition and Rewards Program” to the right.