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Improving Engagement With Employee Recognition and Rewards Software

Employee recognition and rewards software is much more than a tool for acknowledging employee performance. It’s an asset that can significantly improve employee engagement.

Recent studies have shown that organizations with highly engaged workforces experience as much as 19.2 percent growth in income over a 12-month period. Yet many HR teams continue to struggle with low engagement. With the right technology, it’s possible to turn engagement around by creating a culture that recognizes employees for their hard work.

How Employee Recognition and Rewards Software Leads to Better Engagement

Employees want meaningful, consistent and real-time recognition. By leveraging employee recognition and rewards software that allows staff to engage in top-down and peer-to-peer recognition, you can achieve:

  • Greater Employee Retention – It’s common knowledge that turnover is expensive. But a lack of recognition results in higher voluntary turnover rates. If you’re not acknowledging employees for their contributions, they will go somewhere else to feel more appreciated. Employee recognition tools that enable regular, consistent recognition improve employee happiness, resulting in less attrition.
  • Higher Morale – Values-based recognition programs are effective for improving employee morale. Why? Because regularly acknowledging employees’ efforts leads to better attitudes about both the company and its goals. When employees have more positive sentiments about the work they do and organization they work for, overall engagement increases.
  • Better ProductivityGallup estimates there are more than 22 million employees who are disengaged at work. While disengaged workers rarely strive to be top performers, individuals who are regularly acknowledged through employee recognition and rewards software are more productive because they feel more invested in the organization.

Employee Recognition and Rewards Software from HighGround

HighGround’s digital recognition solutions help you build a highly engaged and productive workforce through real-time acknowledgement and continuous performance feedback.

HighGround’s user-friendly solution enables you to:

  • Encourage real-time, peer-to-peer feedback for individuals and teams
  • Provide employees with a digital archive of recognitions and achievements
  • Allow employees to choose monetary, non-monetary and culturally creative rewards based on individual interests
  • Measure recognition interaction data to see how recognition impacts employee engagement

To learn more about revamping your employee rewards and recognition program, download our whitepaper today.