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Improving Employee Engagement With Analytics

Improving employee engagement is a never-ending process. But the path to a more engaged workforce requires robust analytics that help the HR team better understand employees and take meaningful actions based on real-time data.

Why Improving Employee Engagement Matters to Your Business

Studies shows that employee engagement is the number one issue for employers. Why? Because engagement affects business performance. In fact, companies with formalized employee engagement programs achieve 26 percent higher annual revenue growth than competitors that lack engagement programs, according to Aberdeen Group research.

Improving employee engagement impacts the organization’s ability to achieve key business goals. By using the right tools to measure and monitor performance, recognition and survey data, HR professionals gain a clearer picture of organizational health and are equipped to take actions that improve engagement in the workplace.

The Role of Analytics in Improving Employee Engagement

Analytics are a necessity for improving employee engagement. Supported by solutions that provide real-time insights, successful HR teams use analytics to make informed, data-driven decisions. An employee engagement solution can provide data from the everyday actions of employees:

  • Coaching and Feedback – Each performance-related interaction in an employee engagement platform, such as a coaching session or feedback given, provides another piece of valuable data. HR has a view into the quantity and quality of these interactions and can determine where actions are required.
  • Sentiment –Rather than focusing on annual surveys alone, leading platforms use pulse surveys, polls and other tools to constantly capture data from employees. When used strategically, these tools ultimately improve engagement by generating large quantities of valuable and actionable data about the workforce.
  • Recognition – By constantly monitoring recognition and rewards data alongside other analytics, your HR team can determine how positive encouragement (from colleagues, managers or customers) impacts performance. This information leads to informed decisions about how to leverage recognition to help employees feel more satisfied in their jobs.

Improving Employee Engagement With HighGround

At HighGround, we know how important improving employee engagement is to your business. Our innovative performance management and employee engagement platform provides the people data you need to effectively increase your employees’ value and performance over time.

For more information about measuring and improving employee engagement with HighGround, view our webinar recording “Fail-Proof Your Transition to Continuous Performance Management” to the right.