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The Importance of Employee Check-Ins in Real-Time Performance Management

Employees want a hand in their own career development. That’s where the importance of employee check-ins comes into play – a better alternative to traditional annual performance reviews.
But the catch is that check-ins need to be collaborative between employees and managers. Collaboration not only creates a better performance management framework, but also improves engagement by investing employees in the development process.

The importance of employee check-ins

Managers and employees agree that frequent check-ins set employees up for success by encouraging ongoing conversations, which can be directly tied to the quality of employees’ work.
But what do employees want to talk about during check-ins? And what are the must-have elements of frequent check-ins?

  • Agile Goal-Setting – Employees don’t appreciate being handed a set of goals by their managers. They want the power to establish goals that are important to them as well as the organization. Frequent check-ins are a great opportunity for employees to have conversations with managers about their goals and how to achieve them.
  • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Feedback – A recent HighGround performance management study, “Beyond the Annual Review: The Transformative State of Performance Conversations,” showed that 52 percent of employees strongly believe that P2P feedback helps them do better work. Insights from coworkers give employees a comprehensive picture of their performance, as opposed to a singular view from a manager or supervisor.
  • Two-Way Feedback – Feedback shouldn’t be a one-way street. Part of the importance of employee check-ins is that they present opportunities for open, two-way conversations. Employees can discuss performance, adjust goals, highlight their recent achievements and provide helpful feedback to managers, making them more effective supervisors.

Better employee check-ins are here

At HighGround, we understand the importance of employee check-ins. That’s why equip forward-thinking HR teams with an intuitive, cloud-based platform that will transform your performance management approach.
Our platform makes it possible for your organization to benefit from:

  • Employee-Driven Goals – Work with employees to help them create and adjust goals that align with organizational objectives.
  • Frequent Employee Check-Ins – Frequent check-ins allow you to have meaningful conversations about performance and development.
  • Real-Time Employee Feedback – Real-time, peer-driven feedback allows you to address questions and concerns immediately.

At HighGround, we’re taking real-time performance management to the next level. To learn more about our performance management tools, contact us today or download our study, “Beyond the Annual Review: The Transformative State of Performance Conversations.”