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Goal Management & Tracking Software Ensures Employee Success

Why Should I Use HR Goal Tracking Software?

Traditional performance management geared towards tracking employee goals falls short of the needs and expectations of today’s modern employee. In fact, recent studies show that more and more businesses are abandoning manual performance and goal tracking processes as they continue to prove inaccurate, time consuming, and demoralizing for employees. Ultimately, without an online, centralized place to set, track, and view employee milestones, goal tracking becomes limited, unreliable, and arduous for everyone involved.

Done right, goal management software allows goals to be:

  • Active
  • Employee-driven
  • Social
  • Connected to the company’s broader mission and objectives

When goals have all of these attributes, they motivate employees and lead to a happier, more productive workforce. Even better? Improving your team’s overall engagement has a positive trickle down effect, impacting major company pain points like turnover, performance, and absenteeism.


Goal Planning Software Via HighGround’s Real-Time Performance Management Platform

hands showing mobile phone with goal tracking softwareHighGround offers a powerful, intuitive technology platform that enables a positive, employee-centric experience around goals – a critical component of a real-time performance management strategy. HighGround’s user-friendly technology is available via a desktop, tablet or mobile device, and can also be integrated with other business tools like Microsoft Outlook, Yammer, and Slack.

This high level of accessibility can increase adoption and makes it easy for employees to set their own goals, quickly identify barriers and course correct when goals are off-track. It also allows for greater collaboration with managers and peers on goal progress and achievement.

For managers, HighGround’s goal management software provides a centralized place to see both individual and team goal activity, and better incorporate them into check ins and coaching conversations. Having access to goals makes it easy to “revised” key performance indicators (KPIs) as needed, ensure alignment with key business objectives, and conduct periodic performance reviews based on goal progress and achievement.

This ability to coach in real time can help managers and employees remain agile in their quest for skill development and growth. And in an employee landscape where 75% of workers cite their manager as the worst and most stressful part of their job, creating a space where leaders can foster real, meaningful relationships with their teams is paramount.


Five Goal Attributes Enabled by Goal Management Software

The best goal management software provides a framework that truly enables employee success, by allowing the goal process to be:

  1. Employee-driven – where individuals are empowered to take control of their career development
  2. Agile – so that goals can be created, updated and modified at any time from any device
  3. Aligned – keeping individual, department and company goals on the same page
  4. Social – allowing employees to follow colleagues’ goal progress and applaud their successes
  5. Transparent – providing a snapshot of company, department and individual goals and progress over time


Organizational Benefits of HR Goal Tracking Software

All levels of the organization benefit from HighGround’s goal management software, from Human Resources, to leadership, all the way down to your employees.

team talking about goals using their goal planning softwareEmployees:

  • Know exactly what is expected of them, eliminating uncertainty surrounding their roles’ purpose and objectives
  • Are empowered to set their individual goals and track them in real time
  • Have a clear understanding of how their success impacts company objectives
  • Create an ongoing dialogue with their manager about performance and growth opportunities


  • Collaborate and encourage each other to achieve their goals in one central location
  • Celebrate successes throughout the year on an ongoing basis
  • Build and improve morale


  • Understand how their employees are doing in real time, enabling them to coach and give feedback when it’s most needed
  • Adjust individual and department KPIs as necessary
  • Have a sense of performance at all times vs. annually for reviews


Learn how HighGround transforms performance management:

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