How Feedback Improves Performance

How Feedback Improves Performance

It’s difficult to ascertain how feedback improves performance when most employees – and managers – dread any type of conversation with a feedback element. In fact, 37 percent of managers are uncomfortable giving direct feedback regarding employee performance.

Feedback is an essential tool in creating a growth-minded culture with engaged employees who are committed to the success of your organization. But with processes that are frustrating and awkward for managers and employees, many organizations find themselves struggling to create a positive feedback culture that delivers tangible benefits.

How Feedback Improves Performance: 3 Keys to Embracing a Positive Feedback Culture

Feedback is often perceived as negative because it’s typically delivered annually in a performance review environment where employees are expecting negative and harsh criticism. And managers are rarely trained on how to deliver feedback in constructive, useful ways.

However, when delivered in a positive, meaningful way, feedback supports growth on both an individual and organization-wide level. By taking three key steps to embracing a positive feedback culture, you can see how feedback improves performance:

  1. Don’t overcomplicate feedback processes. Feedback should be easy to give and receive. Provide employees with a framework that allows them to actively request and share feedback in a simple, straightforward manner. Organizations can also work to make feedback a regular part of check-ins and coaching conversations.
  2. Give employees the power to seek feedback. Clothing retailer Patagonia discovered that employees who solicited feedback received higher bonuses. When employees can ask for feedback, they’re proactively looking for ways to improve performance and productivity based on manager and peer recommendations.
  3. Allow for multi-directional feedback. Traditional processes allow only for top-down feedback and leave employees feeling like their input isn’t important. But companies taking a multi-directional approach offer opportunities for bottom-up and peer-to-peer feedback. It’s a chance for employees to get input from the people they work and collaborate with every day.

Don’t Fear the Feedback

At HighGround, we know feedback can be leveraged for better business results when properly facilitated. Our employee engagement platform supports real-time, peer-driven feedback to help employees reach peak performance.

With HighGround you can:

  • Let Employees Choose – Your workforce can request feedback from higher ups and co-workers.
  • Solicit Group Feedback – Team members can provide input and voice their opinions on the processes and practices that are working – and those that can be improved.
  • Capture 1-to-1 Conversations – Exchanges between employees and managers are archived in one place.

A better approach to feedback is here. To learn more about how feedback improves performance and creating a positive feedback culture, download our eBook, “Feedback is Not the Enemy” today.