Employee Recognition Software Drives Individual and Business Success

Employee Recognition Software

Drive Individual and Business Success

Enable real-time employee recognition software to boost performance, productivity and morale

Implementing employee recognition software sends a clear message about the high value an organization places on its employees, critical in today’s competitive job market. Recognition programs are an important part of the employee experience, as they provide a way for employees to promote and reinforce the behaviors and values that lead to professional success.



Drive peer-driven, real-time and mission-focused employee recognition using HighGround



employee recognition softwareSuccessful organizations are reaping the benefits of putting their own employees in the driver’s seat of their recognition programs. While top-down recognition certainly has its place, peer-driven recognition allows employees to lead by example and reinforce the behaviors and values that lead to professional success. HighGround’s employee recognition software makes the whole process social by allowing employees to amplify recognitions by “liking” and commenting on them, thus helping to build a positive culture around achievement.




employee recognition softwareHighGround allows organizations to recognize employees in real time. Acknowledging positive behavior in the moment increases its impact on both the individual and other employees. Waiting months or even an entire year to acknowledge behavior in an annual review takes away the opportunity for other employees to learn from it. Real-time employee recognition creates a positive, collaborative environment where employees feel valued and understand what’s expected of them.




employee recognition softwareToday’s employees want to understand how their work helps move the company forward. Tying recognitions to corporate goals and values ensures employee achievements have an impact on the business as a whole. HighGround’s employee recognition software helps makes the process transparent.



Benefits of HighGround’s employee recognition software

With a formal program for recognizing employees, organizations have an opportunity to:employee recognition software

  • Demonstrate a commitment to recognizing employee value
  • Ensure employee achievements are in line with business objectives
  • Encourage daily recognition of individual and team accomplishments
  • Establish an understanding of what it takes to be successful
  • Foster a collaborative culture of recognition
  • Allow employees to lead by example and reinforce behavior
  • Celebrate employee successes in the moment

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