An Employee Recognition Platform to Build an Engaged Workforce

Companies with robust recognition and rewards practices in place are more likely to experience high levels of employee engagement and productivity. Yet many organizations fail to engage their employees through recognition programs – or never had a program in place to begin with.

HighGround simplifies corporate recognition and rewards practices. Our employee engagement platform enables real-time acknowledgement, and continuous cross-company and multidirectional feedback.

How Your Company Benefits From a Recognition and Rewards Platform

Consistent, meaningful recognition is directly tied to how engaged employees are in the workplace. And the only way to build a motivated, engaged workforce is by leveraging a robust, useful employee recognition software. That’s where HighGround comes in.

Our platform mobilizes both managers and employees. Here’s how:

Employees Can

Employees Can

  • Choose rewards that are relevant to them
  • Send and receive peer-to-peer and top-down recognition
  • Use HighGround’s recognition platform with everyday tools, like CRM software.

Managers Can

Managers Can

  • Identify top performers and develop strategies to continue developing their talents
  • Measure interaction data with benchmarking and pulse surveys
  • Provide employees a digital archive of their personal achievements

Best-in-Class Workplace Recognition Software

Companies invested in their recognition and rewards program utilize HighGround. With a user-friendly platform and a variety of tools to encourage feedback and acknowledgement, a more engaged and energized workforce is within your reach.

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